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  Colin's K9 Training Services

Jackie Capaloff

Having been recommended to call Colin by fellow dog owners, we asked for his help with our dog Pluto, who we rehomed at 5 months. Pluto, although a gentle, sweet dog, had separation anxiety, tugged when out walking, didn't sit on request, barked everytime he saw our neighbour as well as other issues. Colin was amazing - had Pluto sitting within a minute (no lie), we can now leave him home alone with no problem etc etc. Colin has a wonderful understanding of dogs,& the response to him is amazing. I totally recommend his services.

Janine and Jon

We invited Colin into our home to help with our 1 year old Havanese dog Winston, who was becoming increasingly aggressive with the kids and developing greater separation anxiety. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical about what Colin could do to help us. However with in 10 minutes of being in the house he had us all at ease and laughing. Colin is extremely knowledgeable about dogs, but also their human companions. He helped us understand why Winston was behaving as he was and explained exactly what to change and steps to take to fix the situation. I have read many articles and magazine on how to train dogs, however with none of them knowing my dog and his exact problems and how we live as a family, none of them helped and only caused me to feel more overwhelmed. With Colin's guidance within a few hours, we understood what the problem was, how to fix it and all while having Colin there to answer questions when we were facing a new situation. We 100% recommend Colin's service. Not only did we see improvement in Winston immediately on implementing Colin's advice, but we thoroughly enjoyed Colin's company in the process. It will come as no surprise that in our house we call Colin The Dog Whisperer. Many thanks Colin

Julie Matthews

After spending lots of money with other methods of training for my dog 'pocket' finally found someone who made a difference. Colin really understands dogs, and more importantly explains in clear no jargon talk so you really do get what needs to be done and would strongly recommend him to anyone with any problem with there dog. ... ........

Karen, Katelynn and Cookie

We first met Colin at our local park with his dog, Rico. Colin was friendly and gave us lots of tips for our Caviler King Charles Spaniel, Cookie. Cookie was 11 months old when we asked Colin if he could help with our recall (after Cookie ran off quite far! ). We had a consultation with Colin and he really got to know our family and dog. As well as helping us with Cookies recall he also taught us how to have control when walking him by teaching us the command "close." Colin came to our house every week for a 1-2-1 session. Each session lasted for an hour and Colin always checked to see how the training was going and how we felt about it. He was very patient and gave us lots of other advice along the way. By us following and practicing everything that Colin taught us, we now have a well trained and very happy dog. We can now enjoy evenings at the park with Cookie off the lead without worrying were he is. He follows us and he comes when called. We feel as though Colin's training has had a big impact on our life and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a great dog trainer.

                                           Lucy and Tank

Colin is the dog God, literally could not have had the relationship and bond I have with my dog now if it wasn't for Colin, and we wouldn't have the happy relationship we do! Having been a veterinary nurse for ten years and working/living with dogs my whole life, I thought I knew it all, but Colin has taught me so many different and amazing, and most importantly, successful tips and points, on making a happy and healthy dog and owner relationship. I'd never recommend anyone else. Tank adores him, and even my other dog Moo who just gets to sit and have a cuddle with him! You can just see by watching him how passionate he is about dogs, and he really does make a difference, with such simple changes!

Lorraine, Jourdan, Mylo and Bleu

We have two chihuahua's (boys) which are now 2 years old and are relatively well behaved. We've never had a dog before and one of the boys we felt was slightly dominant and didn't always listen when given commands. Lucy, a vet at Companion Care - Newbury Park, recommended Colin and I'm so happy that she did. He was so friendly and understood everything about the dogs behaviour and more importantly ours within 15 minutes. Our first session taught us so much and we was able to put a lot of Colin's tips into practice straight away which enabled us to gain control of our house within two days (which we thought we had). On our second and final session, Colin was pleased with the progress we had made and we took the boys to the park. Again he gave us some useful tips on socialising as well as control whilst off the lead. We also had issues with the boys barking throughout the night which he identified as attachment issues. With the tips he gave (ignore them - they want attention) plus patience, I'm so happy that we are all able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. :-) Colin has made such a difference to the relationship we have with our boys and I'm grateful with the training we've had. He's professional, thorough and able to identify minor problems that we did not see. Thank you Colin - I have and will always recommend you to any dog owners that need help.

Raj and Niro

As first time owners of a dog, we were shocked to find out that our cute Andrex puppy was actually very mischievous (or playful as we now realise) and required a lot of training! This quickly became a great stress for our family, with our daughter developing a fear of the dog. Colin was excellent in helping us to understand our dog's behaviour. Soon after we engaged Colin for his dog training services, we noticed a big difference in our puppy. Colin's assistance has made a massive impact on our family. Our dog is now well behaved and even our daughter enjoys spending time with him! We highly recommend Colin to anyone who needs help training their dog. Thank you for your continued help Colin!

Beverly and Paul

After pulling our hair out with our second dog Alfie we were recommended to seek Colin's help. Alfie was suffering from a major case of separation anxiety. Colin came over and discussed all the history since we got Alfie. He then helped us to 'go back to basics' with him and showed us all aspects of training him to help with his anxiety. He was brilliant and really helped us and showed us that we are the bosses and not our dogs!!! I would thoroughly recommend Colin with any help and advise with your dog that you may need. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he has made a big difference to our relationship with our dogs. Thanks Colin xxx

Fiona, Viktoria and Ruby

I first met Colin in Pets at Home where I was being literally pulled around by our Cocker Spaniel puppy, Ruby. He offered a few pieces of advice and gave me his card. We have since had a number of visits from Colin who has been very patient and good humoured with us. Ruby was a terror at pulling on the lead and her recall sometimes didn't exist. For a small dog she is very strong (strong willed), and we were worried she was going to hurt herself, and being a Cocker she was easily distracted and wouldn't always come when she was called. After a few visits from Colin we realised it was us that needed training more that the dog! He is gentle yet firm, and Ruby just loves him. She is so much better than she was and taking her for a walk has become a real joy rather than anticipating pulled arms and sore shoulders! We are so pleased with what Colin has enabled us to achieve with Ruby, and she is also a contented, happy pup. Thank you so much Colin!

Sharn Dubb

Despite having a dog trainer previously we still had problems with Saho's recall and food aggression. I met Colin in our local park and decided to use his services. He literally sorted the food aggression in the first lesson! Recall has substantially improved. We found Colin very approachable who is happy to explain reasons behind the problems that we have and will recommend him to anyone who has any problems with their dog.

Lynda R and Willow

Hi just wanted to say a really big thank you for all you have taught us. My wild child is a different dog thanks to Colin. A chance meeting has meant that I now have the confidence to deal with Willow. Willow is a different dog and it's all down to Colin and his patience. Thank you!!!!

Angie Vanner

Colin was reccommended to me by my vet to help us manage aggression of one of my dogs towards another. once Colin came we realised we needed help with other problems we had created with our dogs. Colin was amazing he showed us where we were going wrong .I can't say everything is perfect now but thanks to Colin everything is managable I can't thank him enough and would recommend him

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