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  Colin's K9 Training Services

Dog Obedience Training / Dog behavioural training UK

Our dogs and puppy's Behaviour can have an adverse affect on others around us, and if the Behaviour is antisocial /negative it could very much land us in trouble with the police, dog warden or local council etc. Let's not forget the person who your best friend Has just upset… That's as bad as it gets. That’s why obedience Coaching/ training is an important part of your dog’s life.

The following basic's can be achieved:





Hold, give (or release) to hold or give you an object

Touch /Targeting


(walking nicely on lead)

Recall (to come when called)

Jumping up (how to greet people nicely)

Toilet training

Crate acceptance

Doors (teaching puppy not to run out of the front door / gate etc)

Teething (mouthing advice) nipping your feet / hand /clothes

Canine Enrichment Advice

And constructive canine play.

I believe positive reinforcement methods should be the only methods used in training your dog or puppy in anything you desire them to do and not to do, Getting desired behaviors is better achieved as Science has shown us if we use positive Reward Based Training.

When working with a puppy

This is the best time to get your work done in training. Puppies are very responsive and learn really quickly,early socialisation with other dogs and people is paramount and learning about new environments is equally important. Being handled by different people is a good thing, this helps when visits to the vets for medical care are needed. Your 1-2-1 puppy training sessions should be fun and enjoyable for you and your puppy everyone in the family can get involved working towards having a sociable puppy..

It could be that your dog or puppy pulls on the lead whilst out walking, or jumps up at people to say hi or lunges at people excitedly, All these behaviours we can teach a far more desirable behaviour which is highly likely to be repeated. A well-behaved dog is a happy dog. As dog owners we are all responsible for our dog(s) to be sociable at all times especially when out in public and that they get the basic training needed that will enable them to fit in to society and be a pleasure to all. As well as how to behave indoors i.e. jumping on sofas or bed, not running out of the front door, begging for food or stealing food and many more. Teaching a more desirable behaviour can also be accomplished by using positive force free training methods.

I offer 1-2-1 sessions that give you the skills to allow you both to enjoy each other’s company whether indoors or out in public so they will always be a pleasure to be with. Puppy 121 training is vital in educating young puppies who will then grow into a well-behaved Balanced sociable older dogs.

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