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  Colin's K9 Training Services

Choosing a dog for you and your family

Whether your thinking of getting a puppy, or a young adult dog, an older dog or a rescue giving a dog a forever home needs a great amount of careful consideration. Although they can be fulfilling they can also be hard work at times, whether it be a puppy or a an older dog. It will come down to your personal choice for you and your family, on choosing a puppy, re-homing or a rescue dog as some rescue dogs can come with very little background information and sometimes behavioral issues. But that should not stop you providing you have time and the commitment that will be needed. You will also need to consider size, costs, space, pure-breed or cross Breed / and exercise requirements. If you live with others i.e. family you need to make sure all parties are included in the decision making.

Get the right dog to fit in with your lifestyle!

If it is a puppy you want

There are many different breeds to choose from, once you have chosen the right breed for you and your lifestyle you will need to seek out a reputable breeder and there are many out there so please do your research and choose wisely you can find valuable information on the Kennel Club website.

If you are looking to re-home or rescue

If your are looking for a certain breed of dog then you would need to find reputable Rescues as they may have dogs for re-homing suitable to your life style. I can assist you with this in finding the right rescue Dog.

If you need help in finding the right dog for you whether it be puppy or rescue I can help by giving you advice on which dog to be the right one that will fit in nicely with your lifestyle, we can discuss your options and what type of route you wish to take.

Visit my services page for prices.